Sand Candles | Summer Day Camp Series

Hi Friends!

Guess what?!  It’s MY turn to share a fun project for the Summer Day Camp series!

Since we were spoiled rotten this year and got to spend all that time in Michigan at my family’s cottage, I thought we should do our project there.  But you could easily do this right in your own back yard.

We’re making Sand Candles!

It super easy and really fun.  {You definitely need an adult though because we are using hot wax, so keep that in mind.  :)}

Sand Candles with Limemade

Here’s what you need:Sand Candles

Sand Candles-4

Gulf Wax, Cord/String/Twine for a wick, some sticks, crayons, and a pot or pan you don’t mind keeping only for candle making later.

And Sand.  :D

First you need to prepare your molds.  We just used the sand from the beach and sand toys, but you could use sand from your sandbox just as easily.  Pack the sand {wet is easier} into the shape you want, adding shells or rocks if you wish.  We tried just digging a hole in the beach itself, as well as making a well in a sand toy bucket.  We also found some fun old jello molds, and used those without sand.

Sand Candles-3

Next tie your wick to a stick that is long enough to balance across your candle. Sand Candles-7 Sand Candles-8 After the molds are ready start melting your wax.  You can leave it clear, but we decided to add in some unwrapped broken crayons for color.  We also learned that the washable crayons don’t melt as nicely as the regular ones.  We made a really pretty blue batch and then an awesome red.Sand Candles-10Sand Candles-11

When the wax is completely melted, CAREFULLY carry it to your molds {ITS HOT, REMEMBER?!  BE CAREFUL!!}.  We used the smaller saucepan to scoop it out and pour it first, since it was so heavy, then we poured the rest from the pot later. Sand Candles-12 Sand Candles-13

Sand Candles-15 Cool the candles overnight, and then they lift right out of the sand!  Its really fun.  Then brush off the extra sand, or dip it in the lake, to keep it from “shedding” sand later.

Sand Candles-17 Sand Candles-2-2 Sand Candles-3-2

And voila!  They’re ready for a fun outdoor picnic.

Sand Candles-8-2 Sand Candles-6-2

Next time I think it could be really great to add in some scent, so we’ll try that, too.  We were working with limited supplies, so we went with what we had.  :)

Sand Candles-5-2

Let me know if you try them!  I’d love to see how they turn out!

See you soon friends!




It’s My First Blogiversary! Yay!

You guys!  Guess what?!

It’s my Blogiversary!

August 2013 010

Yup, it’s true.  Limemade Designs is ONE.

I know.  I can’t believe it either.

It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from the hospital, and...


That’s what I say about my other babies.

The real ones.  Ooops.

Well, this is like my virtual baby.

So anyways, its still pretty cool.  :)

And I just wanted to say a big huge

Thank You!!!!!!

to all of you gorgeous people that pop over and say hi, read my crazy posts, laugh at {with?} me, and say nice things in the comments.

You’re the best.

For Realz.

Go eat some cake.  And ice cream.

‘Cause you all completely make my day and I appreciate the support so much.

And I have to admit I know I’ve been slacking this summer with my posting, but YOU GUYS, I’ve been having the best summer EVAH!!.  So I’ll have to tell you about it soonly, but right now I’m just loving on the enjoyment of it all and not sitting by the computer and editing pictures.  I know you understand.  :)

August 2013 008

I’ll be back next week.

I definitely have a fun Summer Day Camp post planned for Tuesday, and I’m bursting at the seams to show you the fun stuff I’ve been redoing {the adorable desk I’m sitting at right now included,} so maybe I’ll be a little more consistent that way soon, too.

We’ll see.  I’m not making any promises…. Ha!

See you soon friends!



Summer Day Camp Series | Juice Box Boats and Ice Cream in a Bag

You guys.  I just got back from the most amazing vacation.


Twenty two days of bliss.

I’ve got lots of pics and stuff to share about it, too.

But first I have to show you these two super fun projects from our Summer Day Camp Series.

No internet on vacation means you get a two for one today!  ;)

First up is Kara from The Joys of Boys  with her awesome Juice Box Boats.

Don’t these look fun?  I can think of a lot of different ideas on how to decorate some new boats.

And the other project comes with a spoon.  Yummy Ice Cream in a Bag!

Hope on over to see Camille over at Growing Up Gabel and see how.

Ice Cream Bag Square

Mmmmm…..  Ice cream.  :D

More fun next Tuesday!


Summer Day Camp Series | Bleach Dye Tutorial


Wait, it’s Thursday. Well whatever.  It’s still fun.

Summer Day Camp Day!

Are you guys all loving the ideas so far as much as I am?  This stuff is so much fun!

Today’s tutorial is from Becky over at Patchwork Posse.

Friends.  Let me tell you a secret.  A deep, dark, dirty secret.

I hate quilting.

I know.

It’s almost a betrayal of loving to sew.  But I really just don’t like it.

But.  BUT.

There’s people like Becky.

Becky on the other hand, is amazeballs.


Girlfriend has SKILLZ FOR DAYS.

DAYS, I tell you!

And she’s showing us how to do a cool bleach dye technique today.summer_day_camp_7

You have to go check it out!

Isn’t this summer day camp stuff awesome?  I love it! Still more to come, too!  :)






Summer Day Camp Series | Patriotic Candy Catcher

Yay!  It’s Summer Day Camp time again!

And Alanna, the mastermind behind getting us all together, is our hostess {with the MOSTEST!} today.

We are such lucky ducks.  She’s amazing. :)

This project seems really fun!  Lookit:


Candy is always a win for me.

Just sayin’.

Anyways, if you wanna know how she did it {and you DO, cause like I said, Alanna is amazing!}  go check it out here.


Insta Friday 48

Happy Friday!

We’re off to Michigan for the Fourth {and super long stay after} today, but I thought I could pop in quick for an Insta Friday!

Have I mentioned how much a love Instagram?  {I’m limemade there, too!}


It’s like all the snapshots of your week, assembled in one cute spot.

And then you share it with your friends!

It’s awesome.


Ok.  So here’s our week:

2013-06-21 001 005

The washi tape collection is getting a little out of hand.  I”m kind of obsessed!  Hubby says “no more than what fits in that huge jar”.

I say “I’ll squeeze ‘em in!”

 June 2013 297June 2013 295My brother- in- law and his adorable wife renewed their vows last Saturday morning.  It was so special!

And there was nummy breakfast after.  :)

June 2013 308

When I was in Michigan at the beginning of June for the second half marathon {what was I thinking?!} I got to do a little antiquing and scored these amazing finds!  A pint Ball jar, a cute 8mm camera and leather case, and a Brownie camera with flash.

They look awfully fun in their new homes.  I’ll show you soon.  Pinky swear.

June 2013 310

I promised Helen if she made her bed for a month with no arguing I’d treat her to something special.

So we went to Target and shopped and then I painted her toes.

Polka dotted!  it was so fun!

June 2013 312

New towels for Michigan!

June 2013 317

A little sewing for boy/ girl twins!

June 2013 322

We dropped off a car at the SS Badger lot in Manitowoc since Joe’s not staying the whole time we are, and treated to ice cream and cherry limeades before we headed back.

I love summer.

June 2013 341

Our library summer program is so awesome.

Like so, SO FUN.

This week they had a touch a truck event for the kids to check out.  It was really great, the lines were manageable, the kids were patient, and the trucks were COOL.

They loved it.  :D

June 2013 346

So I’ve still been doing a lot of running, following one of my friends’ mileage challenges, and I squeaked by with and extra .05 miles to spare for June. I’m not sure how much running I’ll get in before Sunday, so I needed to finish up yesterday.  It’s really fun keeping track of my mileage with Instagram.  :)

But kind of gross.  I post a lot of sweaty pictures.

June 2013 343

Speaking of running, I finally indulged in my first pedicure of the season on Wednesday.  I’ve been nervous to go because last year my toenail fell of due to all the running {TMI? Sorry.}, and I was worried that it was happening again this year.

Not to worry though!  its just black and ugly.  Ick.

That’s what cute polish is for, right?

Have a fantastic week, and Fourth of July!

Like I said last week, I’m not sure how much blogging I can do while I’m gone.

We’re um, RUSTIC, up in there.

No TV even!

So certainly no internet.



So follow me there, ok?


life rearranged

Summer Day Camp Series | 4th of July Printables!

Hi Friends!

It’s time for another fun project in our Summer Day Camp series!

This week we’re headed over to Swish Printables with Donna.  She’s showing us how to print and put together an awesome Fourth of July Banner.

4thofJuly-freeprintables banner

It looks fun, right?  Just what we need to get ready for next week!

Head on over to see Donna’s tutorial and to get the free printable right here.

Come back next Tuesday for more fun Summer Day Camp ideas, and if you missed last week’s project, go check it out here!



Insta Friday 39, 40, 41, …, 46, and 47. Really.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I am so far behind on Insta Friday its laughable.  You don’t even want to know how long it took to get all of the pictures off of my phone since April 22.

Which is when I last did an Insta Friday post.


I think I uploaded 583 pictures to the computer.

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I take an obnoxious amount of pictures with my iPhone.

Thank you.

No I don’t need an intervention.

So, in order to keep this post from becoming totally INSANE, I’m condensing it down to the highlights….

In that crazy random order collage there’s running {two half marathons}, First Communion-ing, Summer Fun 2013-ing, new wreath and dishtowel-ing {thanks Dear Nicole!}, new nook cover making, sewing, amazing racing {we got 2nd! go pink!}, crafting, golfing, frozen yogurt eating, picnicking, tractor driving, soccer playing, thrifting, rummaging, fishing, squirt gun shooting, girls’ room decorating, bar stool reupholstering, anniversary celebrating {12 YEARS!}, mother’s day celebrating, pouting, and Kindergarten and Second Grade graduating {sniff!}.

Oh, and I got BANGS!  My hair is so now.  {Guess that movie….}

See?!  I told you we’ve been busy!

I promise to have more time and better consistency in the next while, but I am going home to Michigan for a bit around the Fourth of July.  We definitely don’t have internet at the cottage, so it’ll be a little sporadic here.


On Instagram it’s all good.  Cell service right on the beach.

So follow me there, too!  Then you can keep up, plus its just really fun!  :)

And if you do follow me, let me know so I can follow you and see what fun things you’re up to.

Have a fantastic weekend y’all!!



life rearranged

I’m an Auntie! {Again! Yay!}

Remember yesterday how I said I had lots going on this spring?

I so did.

But so did my little sister ’cause she had a baby!  Big brother AJ has an adorable little sister now…


I whipped up a few pink and girly goodies for my  new niece and sent them out right away.  I haven’t gotten to sniff her new baby smell yet, but in just a couple of weeks I will be in new baby heaven.  :)

Baby Elli Baby Elli-3 Baby Elli-4 Baby Elli-5Baby Elli-6

Welcome to the world sweet Eleanor!

We love you so much already!


Where Have I BEEN?!?

Y’all.  I’ve been gone.


May 2012 108

From here anyways.

Obviously.  I mean, my last post was in APRIL for Pete’s sake.


But I’ve actually been here and doing lots of fun stuff, and making fun stuff.

And I’m ready to share it all with you.

I’ve been sewing and running and First Communion party-ing, and school year ending, and library program reading and soccer mom-ing, and swimming lesson shuttle-ing….

Well, you know how it is.

Its Busy!!

And I want to tell you all about it ALL.

Until you want to tell me to BE QUIET for heaven’s sake.

{And then I’ll prolly still keep blabbing anyways.  Ha!}


But before I do all of that I want to tell you about the fun Summer Day Camp series I’m joining again with my friend Alanna from The Craft Nest and some other really great ladies.



There will be fun craft projects to do with your kids every Tuesday this summer.  And really fun girls showing us all how to do them! Aren’t we lucky ducks?!

I know.  We SO ARE!!  :D

Today is the first day of Camp, and Rebecca is bringing us a fun kid friendly project that you can probably make with things you already have at home.  It’s a super cute Summertime Snowman!  Go check it out here at Finding My Blog.
Summer Snowman
Then come back and see me tomorrow!  I got some stuff I wanna show you!  :)

MWAH Friends!!