Sand Candles | Summer Day Camp Series

Hi Friends!

Guess what?!  It’s MY turn to share a fun project for the Summer Day Camp series!

Since we were spoiled rotten this year and got to spend all that time in Michigan at my family’s cottage, I thought we should do our project there.  But you could easily do this right in your own back yard.

We’re making Sand Candles!

It super easy and really fun.  {You definitely need an adult though because we are using hot wax, so keep that in mind.  :)}

Gulf Wax, Cord/String/Twine for a wick, some sticks, crayons, and a pot or pan you don’t mind keeping only for candle making later.

And Sand.  :D

First, you need to prepare your molds.  We just used the sand from the beach and sand toys, but you could use sand from your sandbox just as easily.  Pack the sand {wet is easier} into the shape you want, adding shells or rocks if you wish.  We tried just digging a hole in the beach itself, as well as making a well in a sand toy bucket.  We also found some fun old jello molds, and used those without sand.

Next tie your wick to a stick that is long enough to balance across your candle.

After the molds are ready start melting your wax.  You can leave it clear, but we decided to add in some unwrapped broken crayons for color.  We also learned that the washable crayons don’t melt as nicely as the regular ones.  We made a really pretty blue batch and then an awesome red.

When the wax is completely melted, CAREFULLY carry it to your molds {ITS HOT, REMEMBER?!  BE CAREFUL!!}.  We used the smaller saucepan to scoop it out and pour it first, since it was so heavy, then we poured the rest from the pot later.

Cool the candles overnight, and then they lift right out of the sand!  Its really fun.  Then brush off the extra sand, or dip it in the lake, to keep it from “shedding” sand later.

And voila!  They’re ready for a fun outdoor picnic.

Next time I think it could be really great to add in some scent, so we’ll try that, too.  We were working with limited supplies, so we went with what we had.  :)

Let me know if you try them!  I’d love to see how they turn out!

See you soon friends!


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